Thursday, August 6, 2009

Invention Bonza

Room 19 has been preparing to think up, create, and market an invention. I am at the point where I have discovered that no body enjoys having visitors come in with their shoes and dirty their carpet. I have also discovered that the visitors find it very in covenant to have to untie your shoes as soon as they get through the door and very in covenant to tie your shoes up before you get on your way. So you see it is not just frustrating for the host but also for the guest. I have begun to think of inventions that might help this cause and I have found the answer to all of this madness I am going to create special slippers ( which I call slip and go :aka sag ) that are going to fit on ever kind of shoe. It will have rubber in the inside and soft fluffy outside. But don't worry if you think this would look old school I know how it feels so I have created extremely fashionable sags for any kind of girl,baby,adult,teenager, and boy.

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