Monday, August 17, 2009

my log book

So far through my jorney to inventing marketing and selling my invention have done some research on if any one would by it and how much they think it will be. it turns out that 80% pecent of the people i have asked (which is the girls) say's "yes". I have also asked how much they think it would ost from about 40-120 the majority rules so about $60 but i was also supprised to find that some

Lipgloss Price $$$$

Olivia and I have still not decided on a name for our product, we are going to wait untill we have made the product. The orice that we have decided on is $5.00 - $7.00. It may vary depending on the price of the lipgloss. We think our product will be quite successful, as we have seen many girls getting their lipgloss taken off them. We think our price is a good price especially considering our audience wont have too much money to buy lipgloss, and its a bonus aswell because it's low in price and they wont get it taken off them!

Sarah's Log Post #2

The product that I am going to try and market research and possibly even market, is my Shooeez idea (possible name) my idea was to produce a shoe, that is affordable say $15.00-$20.00 each pair and comfortable, but yet stylish, mainly for a target audience of people from the ages 10-19, or anyone else but mainly for them!!! Well I also thougth of an automatic dog whistler, but decided that I would have a smaller target audience and that would affect the ammount of profit my design would recieve. I am about to start my brainstorming (as I was away one block) and followed by my first prototype.

USB 4 me in the working...

So far I (Angel) am up to surveying the markets wants and seeing what they would modify to make the product suit there needs or wants. I have started to work on what the prototype will look like and feature and what sort of themes it with portray as the product comes in a wide range of colours and themes. The product is called USB 4 me which is a memory stick on a necklace that comes in a variety of colours and themes, the memory stick necklace can also clip together and turn into a braclet or an anklet, you choose!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Perferated CardBoard Skirting Protector (Yet To Be Named)

My invention is an "L" shaped peice of perferated cardboard that sits under Smooth Edge when laying carpet. The part of the "L" shape that points upwards, covers the skirtings so when you lay the carpet it doesn't get damaged. When you are finished you take the corner of the perferated cardboard and tear across, leaving cardboard invisible and there you go, undamaged skirtings. The Skirting Protector is recyclable, because its cardboard, and sustainable, because it comes from trees which get replanted.

Choc Pop Progress

So far we (Taria and I) have done 1 survey on if people would like to buy the choc pop and we are in the middle of another survey about how much people would like to pay, so far most say between $1.50-$2.50 but this will very on how much it costs to make. We have also deiced that we will use recycled paper bags for the packaging of the Choc pop. We will also need to decide on the recipe for the biscuit.

Invention Bonza 2

Wouldn't it be cool if you had slippers that are streachy enough to pull over your ordainary shoes so that you don't make your carpet dirty and disgusting. (Well thanks the totally awseome room19) I have created the slip-n-go which has a rubber inside that can be removed any time you like to be cleaned.(don't worry if you hate cleaning you can just shake it clean)this will come in all sizes from young to old people.I have decided to change the name from sag to slago.These will come in different styles to match your personality. This can be worn without shoes.These will be ten to twenty dollers.The best thing about this is the fact that if you decide to wear this without you shoes you can take out the rubber and wear them as normal slippers because of the soft inside and warm fluff .Get prepared to be comftable.

Zoe and Olivia's invention price

We have now decided on our invention, the lipgloss disguised as a highlighter, and are moving on to choosing the price for our invention. We are thinking of the price being around $5.00 to $7.00 each. This depends on how we make the invention and how much work we will have to put into it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Choc Pop!

Are you a chocoholic? Can you ever find enough chocolate in one serving? If your answer to our question is no, well now you can say YES, yes I have!!! The Choc Pop is here! If you are thinking what the in the name of potatos' is The Choc Pop? Well The Choc Pop is a chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on a stick! Its specially made for us chocoholics'. Theres, chocolate chips, chocolate icing, white chocolate icing, chocolate, chocolate biscuit, choclate hail and whatever else chocolate we can find! No health freaks' allowed!

Zoe and Olivia's Invention!

Have you ever got caught with lipgloss and got it taken off you? Well there is now a solution! We have brainstormed and come up with the....... well actually we havent come with a name yet (PLEASE GIVE US SOME IDES IF YOU HAVE SOME!) anyway the actual product is Lipgloss which is diguised as an average highlighter. We have come up with three different designs so far icluding one that you squeeze to get the lipgloss or one you turn along with one in which when you take off the lid yhere is a mini brush in which has been in the lipgloss and comes out coated in the lip gloss! We predict that it will be easy to make, but we will just have to wait and see. We are sure that our product will sell and make some profit, but again we will have to wait and see! :D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Invention Bonza

Room 19 has been preparing to think up, create, and market an invention. I am at the point where I have discovered that no body enjoys having visitors come in with their shoes and dirty their carpet. I have also discovered that the visitors find it very in covenant to have to untie your shoes as soon as they get through the door and very in covenant to tie your shoes up before you get on your way. So you see it is not just frustrating for the host but also for the guest. I have begun to think of inventions that might help this cause and I have found the answer to all of this madness I am going to create special slippers ( which I call slip and go :aka sag ) that are going to fit on ever kind of shoe. It will have rubber in the inside and soft fluffy outside. But don't worry if you think this would look old school I know how it feels so I have created extremely fashionable sags for any kind of girl,baby,adult,teenager, and boy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm creating a device that can help foreign people, tourists, and people who want to learn a new language, i give you a pocket translator. W

Kayla's Invention

I am going to invent a laptop that doesnt need ro be charged

My Invention.

For my invention i plan to make, design, create

Inevntor Work (:

For our inventor work we have been looking closely at an inventor of our choice. When we are studying our inventor we look at the following things ; The process , The purppouse , The need/want.
I am creating a new source of technolgy it is going to be handy and it will give you a reson to were sunglasses in side.

Sarah's Invention

I have been thinking a rather lot about the invention I have been considering to market. I have seen brands of shoes that are comfortable, stylish and affordable and thought that I could do the same but for people of a younger age. The shoes, would be an item of footwear that would be suitable for wearing around the house and could also be worn out to the shoppping centers and yet remain ever so sleek and stylish. I have also wanted to create something that would help the environment and make a big impact on our society as being a BIG contributer to how we dispose of our trash, maybe a form of recycling something, or a reducer or a big help with our waste. I am unsure but both will be an awesome idea and I hope to decidde on that sometime soon


My invention that is Gloves that are warm all the time.
How they work is that they use any source of light or heat to sustain their heat which obsorbs into the inside of the glove and maintains them at a warm moderated temperature so that the hands


This term our class focus is on Enterprise. We have to design, create and invent a new creation to fit a need or purpose. I have been thinking a lot about my different interests and how I could create something that may help me within these interests. I came up with a variety of needs that could help me create something new, but nothing seemed quite right.
this term we have been learning about inventor what proccess they go through and words that describe an inventor and by the way the proccess they go through are more complex than you think its not just thinking of an idea making it and selling it you have to think about user friendliness if there is a need the design fail safe features easy use and a lot more and some of the words we used to describe inventors were revolutionary,ingenious,inventive and innovative.


Our major task this term is to create an invention of our own. We are currently researching inventors and the process they go through when creating their innovations.